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Wellington analyst judged world's best financial modeller

A Wellington-based analyst has been judged this year’s world financial modelling champion.

Alex Gordon, a 24-year-old senior analyst with PwC, was judged the best during yesterday’s ModelOff grand final in New York – the “spiritual home of financial modelling”.

He was one of 2000 competition entrants and was one of just 16 to make it through two initial rounds in October before the grand final.

Competitors in yesterday’s final were given a number of different tasks testing innovation, speed, data, modelling theory and risk understanding.

Other finalists came from Australia, the USA, Britain, Russia, Canada and Poland.

First NZ Capital analyst Tom Picot was the second New Zealander to attend the final.

PwC chief executive officer Bruce Hassall says the win has widened the door to Mr Gordon’s professional achievements.

Wellington is making a strong impact on the world this December, he says. "It goes beyond cinema: it’s also in the accountancy space.”

PwC Wellington partner Richard Longman, who is Mr Gordon’s manager, says he has always demonstrated a passion for modelling complex arrangements and solving challenging problems.

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Comments and questions

Alex Gordon has leverage over bosses - demands giant raise.

SALUTE! AWESOME! GRAVITAS! Cough ... errr (taking his seat): Jolly good show, old chap.

I heard Graham Dos Santos is a better modeller.

Must be an absolute demon with balsa wood and a razor blade.

Wonder how he works "whatever it takes" - massive, unforseen central bank interventions into his risk models?

They seem to be the norm rather than the exception these days.

Bruce Hassle (aka The Penguin) comparing a DCF modeller to Sir Peter Jackson. Gold.

Very cool :-)

Alex Gordon, you are New Zealand's Next Top Modeller!


Wouldn't it be nice if someone could congratulate this guy on a fantastic achievement. The snide comments above will probably make him want to up sticks and head to Wall Street.