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Wellington developer nabs key Auckland wharf project

Welllington property developer Willis Bond has won the contract to build up to 600 residences, the first residential development in the revitalised Wynyard Quarter, on docklands in Auckland near the city's central business district and the earlier Viaduct project that has brought the city closer to its waterfront.

A survivor during the global financial crisis, Willis Bond developed the up-market Chews Lane apartment project in Wellington, which preserved historical features while building a large residential complex above two historic CBD buildings, as well as Sunderland at Hobsonville Point in Auckland, and Clyde Quay Wharf and One Market Lane, both of which have placed large numbers of apartment dwellers on the waterfront in Wellington.

"Willis Bond will build 500 to 600 homes as part of a mixed use development in the centre of Wynyard Quarter, which will also incorporate 48,000 square metres of new office space and a five star hotel to be delivered by separate developers," Waterfront Auckland chief executive John Dalziell said in a statement.

"Willis Bond, has a strong track record of delivering large-scale, high quality developments in urban and waterfront settings" and followed an 18 month competitive tender process that attracted 20 parties.

The first homes in the central part of Wynyard Quarter are expected to be available to purchase off the plans by late 2014 and once completed, the development is expected to house more than 1,100 residents.


Comments and questions

A good decision - Willis Bond does quality developments (in addition to those mentioned you would add the NZX building, the St Johns Building etc). The principals of Willis Bond were prior involved in PFI.

Willis Bonds success and reputation has been assisted by using the family aligned construction company LT McGuinness for the work. Ask any Wellington architect and LTM are highly regarded, preferred construction firm of choice, so hopefully they will get LTM to finally open up in Auckland.

Disclosure - I have no relationship with LTM or Willis Bond, but if I were buying an apartment, and they were both involved, I would take considerable comfort from their reputation not to take shortcuts, to deliver on time a quality product. I have friends who have purchased apartments from their developments in Wellington.

Any developer who has a genuine empathy with preserving and restoring historical buildings, is unlikely to take shortcuts.

i agree with Peat in terms of the quality partnership of Willis Bond and LTM. Past project have shown that as a nation we can build quality that people will and are happy to pay for.....

I do however want to investigate the or have someone review the waterfront Auckland set up..... As rate payers i find it extremely hard to understand why Waterfront Auckland has so may employees, highly paid individuals traveling the globe for ideas???... 65 staff - what do they do ?????

Sit on pigs back on the fat of the land I say sucking up ratepayers $$$s.

65 staff - nuts - if private sector could run it with 5 competent folk with their eyes closed.

And they don't actually build or develop anything at all except I think a playground and a walkway or two. All the real hard earned money comes from private sector.

And quite what is going on with China's richest ladies leasehold hotel ?

Auckland Council itself is a behemoth that takes yonks to get any approvals out - should go thru entire outfit with a big broom really. It's largely self important bureaucracy on acid which adds very little value to anything.

come on John Daiziell stand up and tells us....
Appears more than one of us knows its a sham.. 65 staff that could be run by 5 privates.... That said you probably need a 10 to 1 ratio to cut through council bureaucracy reports....

This is unfair, grossly uninformed and unfounded criticism of a very well managed and efficient organisation and an effective commercial business.
John Dalziel and his team have done a superb job of delivering one of the world's best waterfront redevelopments - great public spaces and and a commercially successful venture.
I'm somewhat less familiar with Willis Bond, however they certainly have a positive reputation and clearly are making a significant investment.
Aucklanders should be proud of this ongoing success story.