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Wellington Drive adds cool fan technology to its refrigeration line-up

(BusinessDesk) Wellington Drive Technologies, a manufacturer of highly efficient electric motors, has formed a partnership with PAX Scientific to develop low-noise, high-performance fans for commercial refrigeration.

Auckland-based WDT has obtained a license from Californian subsidiary PAX Air to use their patented 'biomimicry-based', fluid flow techniques in fans, with initial co-developed products expected to be launched in early 2013.

PAX Scientific's research and technology is based on natural fluid flow in what is described as the "streamlining principle".

Its subsequent licensed design geometries improve the performance, output and energy usage of a wide variety of technologies, providing better management of turbulence and reduced friction and drag, WDT chief financial officer Steve Hodgson says.

WDT listed on the New Zealand stockmarket in 2001 and has struggled to achieve profits for its brushless electric motors, many of which are used in retail cabinet refrigerators.

The announcement of the licensing arrangement saw WDT's share price unchanged at 15.5 cents. Its price has fallen 26% this year.

The addition of PAX's fan technology "will allow WDT to off a total air-movement solution to commercial refrigeration customers", Mr Hodgson says. "It aligns with our strategy of adding value 'beyond the motor'."

WDT's technology lowers energy consumption in the refrigeration system and lowers costs through the use of advanced electronics, he says.

This technology will be combined with PAX's, which also includes reduced noise and increased energy efficiency for fluid-handling equipment and improved heat transfer and reduced pressure for thermal management products.