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What marketing masters say 2013 will bring

Big data, digital offerings and the death of the old-school TV ad are all on the cards for marketers in 2013.

Marketing heavyweights Telecom head of marketing Jason Paris and BNZ head of brand and NZ Marketer of the year Ian Moody gave NBR ONLINE their insights on the year to come.

Big data has been a buzzword of the industry this year and continues to be a hot topic. Messrs Moody and Paris are both betting on the complex use of computer databases to analyse and gain insights as the way of the future.

Mr Paris says big data will be the biggest challenge for marketers next year – as it is not yet being used to it full benefit.

“The complexity of systems and processes in large organisations makes it really difficult to be as agile and accurate as we need to be,” he says.

He expects Telecom to be as good as anyone in the country by the end of 2013.

Mr Moody says big data has so far helpful in gaining insights but the jury is still out on how to actually use the information.

“When we start developing this sixth sense around consumers and making use of multiple sets of data it raises issues of privacy and making good sense of what the information is saying.”

However, Mr Moody believes mobile marketing is channel which will “absolutely dominate” over the next year.

“The phenomenal growth in mobile is providing both opportunities and challenges around how we me the future demands of consumers and businesses.”

Mr Moody says marketing is now all about screens instead of the traditional TV commercial as there are lots of consumer touchpoints through electronic media.

“I think the classic TV as we knew is on its way out because on its own it doesn’t have the absolute weight it has in the past.

“It’s not dead per say but as a sole way of driving brands its had its life.”

Mr Paris, who launched the loveable Tommy and Boris characters for Telecom through television this year, says the medium will stick around.

“Engaging storytelling will always be compelling to consumers – and the TVC is still a great way of delivering that and reaching lots of people fast.

“Increasingly however, we’re looking at the whole content schedule, and content on multiple platforms to look at how we can connect in different ways.”

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