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Who ate all the ICT bonus pie?

Male IT staff in New Zealand receive 50% more in bonuses than their female colleagues.

Data from a survey of 5316 IT professionals by ICT recruitment outfit Candle shows the average bonus received by men in the sector is $13,176, versus an average of $8624 for women – a gender gap of $4552.

Across the ditch, male Aussie IT specialists receive $2845 more than female counterparts, similar research shows.

Only 42% of Australian ICT workers receive a benefit of some kind, whereas in New Zealand nearly 70% receive them, a 58% increase over the previous year.

Meanwhile, the size of the average NZ ICT bonus – $12,014, received by 27% of practitioners – is just 3% up on the previous year.

The New Zealand gender gap in bonuses is a function of the majority of the IT workforce being male, according to Candle New Zealand country manager Troy Hammond, although that weighting is beginning to change.

Bonuses tend to be popular in IT sales and consulting, Mr Hammond says.

In larger companies, a higher salary is preferred over a package with an "at risk" component; at start-ups, share options tend to be offered instead of bonuses.

Comments and questions

Is it just me who finds that every time I go to a daytime cafe women outnumber men by some ratio between 3 and 5 to 1?

Either they are much better paid or simply spend far more of their time not working.

Nah, just better at multi-tasking. Yes, it is possible to eat, drink and conduct business!

Do the women actually ask and demand these bonuses?