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Who should lead after Key – Collins or Joyce? NBR ONLINE subscribers make their pick

NBR Business Pulse Results

Would you prefer a post-John Key government to be led by:
Steven Joyce (77%)
Judith Collins (23%)

NBR ONLINE subscribers would overwhelmingly prefer Steven Joyce over Judith Collins to lead a post-John Key government.

In the first NBR ONLINE Business Pulse poll, 77% preferred Mr Joyce, with 23% backing Ms Collins.

The poll was open to NBR ONLINE paid subscribers only, and ran from April 16 to April 22.

Rising star Ms Collins – aka Crusher – has recently run into controversy over leaked ACC email.

Mr Joyce – in charge of the super ministry and often seen as the Bill Birch-style Mr Fix-it for every issue – has most recently been running interference for the Prime Minister over the pokies controversy.

Comments and questions

God help NZ if either of those got the leadership. The emigration figures would sharply rise.

A shame Simon Power had the sense to leave parliament - he would have been excellent and respected by all.

Now the choices are Crusher and her ACC hsitory of incompetence or Steven Joyce and his Rena disaster - disastrous response - and his gung ho attitude about everything. He will have sold NZ by the end of his first term

And Bill English is not a contender because.....?

Joyce and Collins both lack leadership qualities.

power not bye all umless you are a bye the book and to hell with the rule of law just change to suite df to ceo west pac nice bonus in store for those that handle the millions of government privatising our resourses that i and others built for our following generations like another thompson ceo west pack late 80s massive bonusis to those that serv ?

Och aye Bruce , I will have a wee drop with you.

look forward to it

Not a well structure poll. NBR should have said Collins, Joyce or other and the result would have been more balanced

Don't know how I missed this poll, as I travelled around the SI but, if the choices were limited to the two, I would have gone for Crusher. Truckie Joyce comes across as too narrow in focus. Comparing him with Bill Birch is unfair to Sir William.
As for Bill Englis, I respected him as a sound Minister of Health but he does not have the necessary charisma for leadership. As, from my limited observations, neither did Power.
Our presidential style of politics means that any sound candidate is buried in mire - if there is such a candidate in the Nats.

If Helen Clark and John Key have charisma then we could well do without it couldn't we?
It is only the MSM that wants to play presidential style politics, and they found willing partners in these two.
In the end , this business of having John Key tell me what day it is , every morning, turns the public off: we want decisions , not sound-bites.

We need Key for at least 2 more terms while he sets up a new young contender, the Tauranga younster is looking good. GG

neither they had one now he plays second fiddle .

Early days yet. Key is still enjoying the job and hopefully moving to a a more activist role rather than the reaction he was forced into in the first term.

I suspect he will also manage to groom his successor when the time comes.