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Winston offers to buy Key 'cup of coffee'

Comeback king Winston Peters has invited John Key to publicly debate with him in Auckland on Wednesday.

"On Wednesday NZ First will be in Aotea Square in Auckland for an open air meeting. We cordially invite John Key to attend so we can have a public debate out there with the people. He could put his views forward explain his worries and we’ll respond," Mr Peters said in a speech in Hamilton today.

"We promise him a fair hearing and courteous treatment. I’ll even shout him a cup of coffee but it will have to be in a takeaway cup."

The leader of NZ First, which is rapidly rising in the polls and could potentially hold a balance of power after Saturday's vote, reiterated that his party "will cooperate with any minority government whether it’s National of Labour. But do not expect us to fall over and vote for – or abstain from – voting on issues like asset sales".

Mr Key's schedule for Wednesday has not been released.

Comments and questions

Ha Ha Ha. Winston is really witty. We need someone like him in the Parliament.

Anonymous - please tell me you're kidding....

Will there be plenty of whiskey to go with my scampi?

Another reason to get rid of MMP is to get rid of this corrupt snake oil salesmen.

John key or Winston?

Steady now.

John Key has to accept to gain back some credibility.

Surely he is not threatened by Winston and he may need to work with him after the election so maybe John key has to eat some humble pie.

If Key maintains the arrogant stance it may turn around and bite him next week

Key keeps on saying he wants to talk policy but refuses to do RadioNZ debates and interviews. He also refused to do a NZ Herald debate. Four debates apparently is his limit. Seriously he should be doing four debates a week, anything less is weak, the Auckland mayoralty candidates had more stamina than that.

Great idea. Chair, wine & nibbles required. No police - busy catching up on their day to day work!

Love to hear from Owen Glenn

Love to hear from the folks in horse racing.........umm an airfare to aussie looks good.

Smile and wave will not change.Has the adulation gone to his head.He has no balls BUT WAIT their is more mud to sling yet .

Was it Lady Astor and Winston Churchill - if you were my husband I would poisin your tea - to which Winston replied if you were wife I would drink it. Winston is the Lady Astor here and John Key is the statesman. I strongly suggest John Key asks Don Brash to attend for the cuppa as his alternate.

Winston is yesterdays man,if you keep voting this man in,then we can only go backwards and we are doing that without him.He will just speed up the process.
No party seems to be able to fix our problems and that is because what happens overseas happens here eventually.

Roll on satoriday so we can escape this schmozzle of vapourware salesmen who only show up in campaign season and will, no matter who gets elected, waste your money.

If you keep voting for MMP or FFP you are in cloud cuckoo land! Give us back democracy - vote STV.

Come on Winston it takes more then a red hanky pollished shoes and a couple of weeks of being in the press to fool the popualtion. Could you take me up on a one ticket to Aussie could you ?

Go, Winnie!!

Can't wait for John Hatfield (A.K.A Hone Harawira) to enter the fray with a cup of cocoa, perhaps.

National's leadership has to understand that democratic government, particularly in these times, is not just some business deal for certain shareholders.

Hey Winstone goneburger! After this week we will never see you again! Yippee

5 more days and WP is gone.

Come on Winston
Somebody has to stop the asset sales

A properly moderated debate between the two would be a walkover to Key if the moderater forced both to talk in terms of policy costings - as has been demanded of National and Labour quite rightly of late

Peters will refuse such focus on affordablity hence why would Key bother - Peters would just resume his hot air rhetoric based on slogan and warm fussy, and fool a few more fools into voting for him

Remember when John hated to be called Hone! How times have changed.

All this publicity is helping Winston stay "top of mind" and there is a good chance that some of this media hype will definitely translate into votes for him.
I was an undecided voter and had forgotten about him but after the "tea cup saga" he comes up as a possibility for my party vote

Did NZ First ever refund the over-spending incurred when it was last in Parliament?

NZers now so dislike both major parties' lies and broken promises, let along the quite corrupt toadying to iwi-only interests at which National, surprisingly, have been particularly bad (Nobody voted to put the arrogant Chris Finlayson into parliament, so what's he doing there as Minister?) that MMP will stay, and Winston will get back in. New Zealanders don't see why they should again sell state assets for the big boys to gobble up. What changes?
If National had played it straight we could have done a lot better. This next term of who ever is going to run with their own agenda is going to so annoy the public that New Zealanders are going to increasingly turn ( as they already are) to support limiting the power of politicians, preventing bad law and claiming back this country with the movement. There's nothing like the power of an idea whose time is right. - and it's come.

Once Minister of Maori affairs - sacked
Thrown out of National party
Joined coaltion with National after standing on the promise he wouldn't.
Sacked by National.
Went into Coalition with Labour after saying he wouldn''t accept 'the baubles of office'.
Sacked for that coalition.
The most evasive and arrogant man ever known to interviewers.
Already advised us he will not give confidence and supply to anyone which almost certainly would lead to a second election.
Sorry Winston - I think you've burnt your bridges with most voters and I just can't see you over the 5%. Fortunately.

John Key has now told us he will not accept the verdict of the voters. What total arrogance. Key seems to love painting himself into a corner 'I will not have Winston in my Government' and then trying to blame the voters for a hung parliament. I have voted for Wine Box Peters. Who was right.

John Key has been so light on policy, I'm not sure what I'd get if you vote National; apart from Asset Sales that I'm uncomfortable with, not to mentioning a salesman speculating banker.
While he has/is keeping is banker mates happy, his ideology are free market based which doesnt exist in the real market where big countries and business pressure the politicians into various forms of treason.
It seems to me a vote for Winston & NZ First
is a strategic vote for strong opposition to the sale of assets and other free market ideology.

Then again theres always Conservative.

From the babbles of office/world travel smooshing Condelisa Rice to a cup of tea... oh how the mighty have fallen

JK - dare you to hold up a board with just the words 'NO' on it ;o)

An open air debate would be great for the leaders to voice their views and show their prowess in debate. I think it is a great idea, but only if the debate was done gentlemanly and courteously. After the debate, I wonder if they will sit down over a cup of tea to discuss issues in detail.

Gemma - silver tea sets