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Winston Peters right on Interislander bail outs - Taxpayers' Union

“Taxpayers are sick of bailing out Kiwirail and the Interislander every time one of the dud ships hits a wharf,” says Jordan Williams, Executive Director of the Taxpayers’ Union.

“Winston Peters is right, the government is not a good manager of a shipping fleet. The Interislander should be sold to an expert shipping company. The public would probably get a better service and the taxpayer wouldn’t cop the bill when management screw up and buy a lemon.”

“The taxpayer doesn't pay a cent when something goes wrong at Bluebridge. Why do taxpayers need to own the Interislander and throw more good money after bad?”

The Taxpayer Union boss earlier compared the Interislander's parent company, Kiwirail, to Solid Energy, saying the Crown should not "throw good money after bad." 

Comments and questions

Too true.
I'm sure it's legacy thinking from days of old where the unions controlled the wharfes, meat works, rail, education etc... And helped along and encouraged by the very political party the unions finance in return for favourable legislation for the unions.

Failed ideologies from last Century should not dictate today's commercial realities in 2014 though.

Sell them AND TVNZ! Invest the funds into the Rescue Chopper!