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Women now cheating as much as men - thanks, in part, to social networks

Wives might be just as unfaithful as husbands, new research quoted by the Wall Street Journal Indicates.

A Kinsey Institute 1991 survey found 21% of men had been unfaithful to their spouse, against 11% of women.

In the latest institute survey, the number of men who had cheated had declined to 19%; while the number of women who had had an affair rose to 14%.

Naturally, the internet cops some of the blame.

"Social networks [a] another factor, if only by expanding the pool of possible partners," writes the Journal's Peggy Drexler.

"Emotional friendships that turn physical are the traditional point of entry for female affairs. It is now easy for those friendships to take root online. Some argue that social networks are merely an expediter and that cheaters will always find a way. Still, if you've never quite gotten over your prom date, today the chances are much better that you can find him."

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completely agree :)

probably shouldnt have added a smiley face. Anecdotally it looks like that is so.

think chting on both sides growing

The internet certainly made it possible for me.

I've investigated thousands of infidelity cases and find its pretty even between men and women cheating. When you need to know the truth.... @lapidetective. #mcminvestigations

It's really superficial to blame adultery on Twitter - which afterall wasn't even around until 2008 or so.

I blame Facebook.

I blame tagged - that's a horrible hook up site!

Wow, us isolated country girls could learn a thing or two. Yea ha!

Rachel, Are you trying to tell us something?

So much for Bob McCroskie's "sanctity of marriage" arguement. Fix heteroville before attacking homotopia.

Looks like in 1991 100% of cheating women had slept with 2 different men where as today they are only sleeping with one. Good work girls.