Zune time: Paul Muckleston new boss at Microsoft NZ

As sort of predicted by NBR on July 9, Paul Muckleston has been appointed Microsoft New Zealand's new managing director.

Mr Muckleston, currently in charge of sales and marketing, will take over when current MD Kevin Ackhurst leaves for Singapore to take up a regional role on August 2.

A 14-year Microsoft vet, Mr Muckleston returned to his native New Zealand in October last year after an extended tour of duty in Europe where, based out of Berlin and Paris, he oversaw the Eastern European marketing operation.

Speaking to NBR shortly before his appointment, Mr Muckleston said the industry transition to cloud computing would be one of the company's central points of focus over the next 12 months.

He agreed with NBR's thesis that Microsoft could do better with its mobile phone products in New Zealand.

Mr Muckleston expected a lift from Windows Phone 7, due later this year (see exhaustive Gizmodo preview here) and, notably, confirmed that the company's Zune service would be made available here at the same time as Windows Phone 7 handsets.

In the US, a Zune service pass lets you download unlimited songs per month for a flat fee of $US14.99.

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Two products that nobody wants; Windows Phone 7 OS or wanted - Zune music player.
Windows 7 might have scored some decent reviews but Windows Phone 7 OS has been absolutely torn apart buy Computerworld and Microsoft recalled ALL of its Zune music players ages ago due to a complete lack of interest from customers.

Computerworld even rates iOS4 above Android 2.2


I was in Seattle from New Zealand when they released the ZuneHd, the store is amazing and the phone is developing to be a generational step beyond other smartphones on the market. With the largest development platform on the planet and the financial backing of microsoft (and it hundreds of thousands of partners).

The information about Zune above is just wrong, and it is now available on xbox all over the world. It also offers the simple wireless sync and portability between PC, Phone, Zune and Xbox.

What does the ISo being ranked above Android have to do with this?


What the hell are you talking about? Zune didn't recall ALL music players. You do realize that devices can still be purchased online, right? The focus now is on Zune HD and Zune as a music/video service.

When are people going to understand that Zune isn't going to go anywhere no matter how hard they bash it. The SERVICE is popping up in different places (windows phone 7, xbox 360, united airlines).



The Zune is still available in its launch Markets, the US and Canada. Windows Phone 7 has had consistently great reviews since Barcelona in February. I can't wait for the Zune Pass, it's awesome, US$14.95 a month and that gets me all the music I can eat, DRM's plus 10 un DRM's MP3 tracks...every month, probably the best value music services there is. Bar None. Can't wait until it finally gets to NZ!!


Ok so there will be hater out there and Microsoft is a big target, but the Zune product and service lines are worthy competition for the dominance the iphone/ipod has had over those markets.

Zune is moving beyond hte states and has moved into international markets already with the Xbox Live services it offers and the coming wave is a welcome change.

I personally prefer open licensed products but we only need to look at the Xbox360 to see what this company can do to a product. the 360 wasn't amazing on release hell the RROD was shameful but they have made improvements and listened to consumers and now its a hot product. USB compatibility, good market place for games music and movies and now with the Kinect coming, Windows Phone 7 and Zune to international markets Microsoft is stepping up. i like what that may mean for the future, technology cant be controlled as it once was, getting the technology out of the way is a great selling point.


What do iOS4 and Android Froyo 2.2 have to do with this article? Unlike the Zune OS they are two mobile operating systems that people actually want to use.


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