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ASK ME ANYTHING: Derek Handley

Derek Handley

The entrepreneur will reply to readers' questions Thursday May 1, 12.30pm to 1.30pm. Leave a question now.

ASK ME ANYTHING: Forbes bubble guy Jesse Colombo

Jesse Colombo

UPDATED: Jesse has landed: the controversial economic analyst is now answering readers' questions.

ASK ME ANYTHING: Franceska Banga

Franceska Banga

The CEO of the government-owned NZVIF — which has invested in everyone from Orion Health to Moa  — will answer readers' questions April 28 from 2pm. Leave a question now.

ASK ME ANYTHING: Visiting US internet ad exec Cameron Gawley

Buzzshift cofounder and CEO Cameron Gawley


Dr Don Brash

ASK ME ANYTHING: InternetNZ CEO Jordan Carter

Jordan Carter