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Budget 2014

NBR Online's expert previews and other coverage ahead of the May 15 budget.

BUDGET 2014: Govt sees faster growth as strong terms of trade, more jobs drive consumer spending

BUDGET 2014: Business compliance costs lurk in the shadows

Budget 2014: Why a capital gains tax will be off the agenda

Budget 2014: a surplus but then what?

BUDGET 2014: Budget surplus on track as corporate tax-take starts catching up to forecast

BUDGET 2014: Duty-free cigarette allowance slashed to raise $50m in tax

BUDGET 2014: Don’t forget the rebuild 

Budget 2014: Key announces new skills spending but signals modest spending increases

BUDGET 2014: Bandage won’t cure health issues

BUDGET 2014: Solving the housing shortage equation

BUDGET 2014: Will there be an aged care facility for you? 

BUDGET 2014: $600m a year: Are interest free student loans value for money?

BUDGET 2014: Action plan needed to harness ultrafast broadband

BUDGET 2014: Time for greater PPP investment in education sector

Budget 2014: English to provide preview today

BUDGET 2014: Tax changes to address bracket creep

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Do you agree with John Key that extra budget spending between $800 million - $1 billion is now “the new normal”?

BUDGET 2014: Time to tackle tax on multinationals

BUDGET 2014: The case for more parental leave

Very disappointing – no tax cuts

Election 2014 fact-checker: both sides peddle wrong govt spending figures

PM Key drops first budget announcement – more help for exporters

Budget 2014: Key signals greater tilt toward emerging markets

Key to outline Budget priorities later today

BUDGET 2014: Export education investment ‘mission critical’ for SMEs

BUDGET 2014: Will the asset sale shortfall need topping up?

BUDGET 2014: Teacher incentives need broader target

BUDGET 2014: Online imports shouldn’t escape GST

BUDGET 2014: Energy wastage offers tempting target

BUDGET 2014: A need to focus on the bullseye

English reveals Budget day: May 15

Paid content Govt trims borrowing programme - but don't hold your breath for tax cuts