Vodafone head of external communications Craig Jones

Com Com rejects Vodafone’s complaint about Spark ads

Thu 19 Mar 15

Commission says matter best left with the Advertising Standards Authority.

University of Auckland marketing senior lecturer Bodo Lang

4G Fight: telcos full of hot air, customers don’t care

Thu 5 Mar 15 2

Marketing experts on the Spark vs Vodafone "Who's got the biggest 4G network?" scuffle.

Spark corporate relations manager Andrew Pirie

4G fight heads to Commerce Commission

Thu 5 Mar 15

The latest chapter in the tiff between Vodafone and Spark over which has the larger 4G network.

Rosetta spacecraft (NASA)

Spaceship parts maker Rakon's biggest growth in telecoms

Thu 13 Nov 14 1

Rakon CEO talks on space profits, growth plans.


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