90-day trial

Order in the House: Fresh from recess

Tue 20 Jul

Opposition members, fresh from a two week parliamentary recess, laid into the government with gusto during today’s question time session.

Labour used the government’s decision not to proceed with the schedule 4 mining proposal as leverage for a wider challenge of policies designed to help “catch up with Australia” and create jobs.

The cycleway, Job Summit, the 2025 task force, Chinese investment in broadband and proposed establishment of New Zealand as a world centre for financial services all came under fire.

Business NZ: leaked job trial changes common practice

Fri 16 Jul 5

Business NZ is urging a measured reaction to leaked government labour law changes.

Prime Minister John Key will make an announcement on labour laws on Sunday at the National Party’s annual conference in Auckland.

Media have reported the announcement will include an extension to the 90-day trial period to include all employers.

The government is also tipped to signal changes to require unions to get an employer’s consent before they can visit a workplace.

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