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APN raises A$23m in oversubscribed retail offer

APN News & Media Limited 12-month price history (

Bauer names editors for new magazines

Sido Kitchin

In January, the Commerce Commission gave approval  for the takeover  of five titles from APN's New Zealand Magazines operation.

Investor risks increase, how Singapore overtook NZ, Winston's predicted destructiveness and TPP's crucial year

Leading fund managers lay out their expectations for the local equity market in 2014.

Bauer cleared for APN mags takeover

Paul Dykzeul

Production staff to go under Bauer takeover


Who is the Bauer family?

Heinz and Yvonne Bauer

NBR ONLINE understands Mr Bauer’s 30-something daughter, chief executive Yvonne Bauer is the driving force in New Zealand, where Bauer has 350 staff.