Fairfax exploits Canterbury market share to shut out local paper, Chch Star says

Thu 21 Jul 2

Star Media says Fairfax is dominant in Canterbury and uses that position to undercut its competitor. With special feature audio.

Sky TV CEO John Fellet (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Fairfax/NZME deal may delay ComCom's Sky/Voda decision, Fellet says

Wed 6 Jul

The pay-TV company is expecting it will take at least six months to get Commerce Commission approval for its merger. With special feature audio.

Rod Oram: "The merged entity would be stuck in the same doom-loop"

Fairfax business writer says Fairfax-NZME merger fails simple test

Wed 6 Jul 9

Rod lets rip. Horton wants NZ Herald or suburban newspapers spun-off as a condition of merger. ODT frets it could get frozen out of ad, newswire networks. With special feature audio: Rod Oram savages deal.

Harbour Asset Management Director, Portfolio Manager & Research Analyst Shane Solly

NZME shares unpopular early on after listing

Mon 27 Jun 10

Fund managers say no one is talking about NZME. 


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