John ascroft: New Zealand led the world on eftpos

ICT: New technologies for business: Emerging markets dial up in global smartphone takeover

Fri 20 Nov

Five years ago roughly 500 million smartphones had been shipped. Today that number has almost tripled and by 2020 it will reach almost three-and-a-half billion.

Tim Cook

Another record profit for Apple as iPhone sales hit all-time high – but iPad continues to disappoint

Wed 28 Oct 4

Apple could be hoping its new super-size iPad Pro, due next month, will reverse the trend.

Been Choice co-founder Dave Yoon

Apple culls ad blockers

Mon 12 Oct

World's most profitable company cites privacy concerns for apps that block ads in apps.

Been Choice co-founder Dave Yoon

Ad blocker promises to penetrate ads in apps

Fri 9 Oct 1

Been Choice collects data from users and sells it back to advertisers.

To turn off Wi-Fi Assist, hit Settings, Cellular (or Mobile Data), then scroll right down to the bottom

Telcos warn about iOS 9's Wi-Fi Assist feature

Wed 30 Sep 17

Latest upgrade to the free software that runs iPhones could demolish your mobile data plan. For some, the warning comes too late. How to switch it off.


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