ANZ chief executive Shayne Elliott (centre) at his company's Apple Pay briefing

Concession on fees sees ANZ first onboard for Apple Pay

Fri 29 Apr 3

Andy Lark questions who will pay what he calls the "Apple tax". With special feature audio.

Carl Icahn

While you were sleeping: UPDATED Dow plummets as Icahn dumps Apple

Fri 29 Apr

Apple shares dropped 2.6%.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple-FBI legal standoff averted as FBI hacks gunman's iPhone on its own

Tue 29 Mar 5

A legal standoff between Apple and the FBI has been averted.

Finance Minister Bill English

Taxing profits is a tax on workers, consumers

Holiday Review 9

Forgive me if I don’t get bent out of shape by multinationals not paying their “fair” share of tax. With special feature audio.

The new 9.7-inch iPad Pro next to the original 12.9-inch version. Both are designed to work with the Apple pencil (left)

Apple downsizes iPhone, iPad Pro

Tue 22 Mar

Warning: contains traces of dullness | PLUS: iOS 9.3: new "Night Shift" feature available as free upgrade for most iPhones and iPads later today.

Taxing multinationals: sentiment vs sensible lawmaking

Mon 21 Mar 7

In the most recent year, multinationals paid a little more than $10 billion: 15.1% of the total tax take. With special feature audio.


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