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Moko: An expressive and technical onslaught

Atamira Dance Company’s latest work, Moko, consists of a series of dances which are like moko in that they are a set of visual and movement designs which are descriptions of people, history and landscape

Gretchen Albrecht: the colourful, the cerebral, the spiritual and the emotional

Gretchen Albrecht, Belladona

Sophisticated, disturbing Aboriginal art on show

Michael Cook, Civilised

Three Goldie portraits go to auction

Atama Paparangi by Charles Frederick Goldie

In a rare offering, three paintings by celebrated New Zealand artist Charles Frederick Goldie, will be sold at an auction of important, early and rare art in Auckland next month

NZ Dance Company tours Language of Living

The New Zealand Dance Company’s tour of Language of Living brings together some of the best choreography, dancers and design direct to the heartland in a tour de force this April and May

Angels in America, an epic tale of love and death

Dan Musgrove and Matt Minto (Andres Malmo)

Angels in America is an epic play not just in length (the two parts run for more than seven hours) but also in its attempt to capture a period of American history