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George Baloghy, Magic City

George Baloghy creates a magical city

Tue 6 Aug 13

In his latest exhibition featuring views of Auckland the artist approaches his subject like a magician, making some things disappear, only to re-emerge in other places.

Michael Smither, Portrait of sarah

Fine art auction season kicks off

Tue 6 Aug 13

Major fine art auctions in Auckland and Wellington have some big name artists and big prices - but also reasonably priced photographs and artists prints.

Ray Ching,End to the Squandering of Beauty

Auckland Art Fair – what's for sale

Tue 30 Jul 13

Next week's fair involves 40 galleries, 100 artists and more than 1000 works on show and on sale at prices from several hundred thousand dollars to just a few hundred. 

Danail Rachev

NZSO tours the New Zealand heartland

Wed 24 Jul 13

The Heroic Beethoven concert is the ideal introduction for those who wish to delve into the rich world of Romantic music.


Claude Monet, The Water Lilypond, 1900

Te Papa's new Impressionist exhibition

Wed 24 Jul 13

Those unable to visit Monet's Melbourne exhibition can see some of his major paintings in Wellington, plus work by French artists Cezanne, Rodin, Pissarro, Signac and Renoir, and Americans Homer, Cassatt and Whistler. 


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