asset sales

Mayor of Christchurch Lianne Dalziel

Christchurch City assets off 'strategic' list

Thu 25 Jun 3

A majority of Christchurch city councillors have made a half-way choice over asset sales.

Mayor of Christchurch Lianne Dalziel

Christchurch residents face their Hobson's choices

Tue 10 Mar 2

Christchurch residents now have the chance to tell the city council how much to levy rates and which assets to sell.

Cunliffe on Q+A

Labour would look at buying back assets — Cunliffe

Sun 6 Jul

PLUS: Labour pledges to reduce class sizes, give portable computer to every school kid in years 5 to 13.

Finance Minister Bill English (Rob Hosking)

Govt to sell up to 49% of Genesis

Wed 26 Mar

40% of the power company will be available through the institutional and broker bookbuild, which opens tomorrow, and 9% mum-and-dad NZ investors through a general offer that opens on Saturday.

Green Party leader Russel Norman: govt should now cancel asset sales

No joy for left from referendum result

Finance Minister Bill English (TV3)

English claims victory, of sorts, as referendum voters say no to asset sales

Sat 14 Dec 14

Spin from both sides as the provision result is revealed in the $9 million special ballot. 


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