Auckland council

Auckland mayor Len Brown (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Len Brown’s parting gift to Auckland – refusal to chair UP recommendations debate

Thu 28 Jul 4

Deputy mayor and development committee chairwoman Penny Hulse will lead the debate and decision-making. With special feature audio.

NZ Taxpayers’ Union executive director Jordan Williams (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Taniwha tax axed at the stroke of a pen

Thu 28 Jul 7

Some of the 3600 sites deemed of cultural value didn’t even exist. With special feature audio.

EMA chief executive Kim Campbell

Unexpected bedfellows emerge in early Unitary Plan reactions

Wed 27 Jul 1

The Labour Party is highly critical of recommendations that remove the requirement for a proportion of new dwellings to meet 'affordable' benchmarks. With special feature audio.

Housing minister Nick Smith

Nick Smith keeps head pulled in on Unitary Plan

Wed 27 Jul 6

Previously bellicose housing minister to remain mum as Auckland Council follows statutory process. With special feature audio.

Mark Thomas

Unitary Plan delivers growth at big cost – Thomas

Wed 27 Jul 2

The plan represents a massive upzoning of wide parts of Auckland. With special feature audio.

Auckland Council director of regulatory services Penny Pirrit (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Suburban intensification and sprawl outside city boundary - Unitary Plan

Wed 27 Jul 32

Now independent panel’s report is out, Auckland Council has 20 working days to decide whether to accept or reject it. With special feature audio.


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