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banking & finance

RAW DATA: Departing BNZ boss Andrew Thorburn talks CEO pay, LVR and NZ's 'rock star' economy

Andrew Thorburn

ASB reveals record profit for third year in a row

ASB CEO Barbara Chapman

And across the Tasman, ASB’s parent bank the Commonwealth Bank of Australia has this morning revealed the biggest profit recorded by an Australian bank.

English appoints lawyer Ross, venture capitalist Liddell to RBNZ board

Bridget Liddell

Deutsche swoops on troubled Australian fund

Peter Drake

Email fraudsters get tricky with ANZ scam

NetSafe executive director Martin Cocker

NZ's failure to harness returning expats' talent costs exporters - BNZ man

Researcher and Brand Strategist Tracey Lee

Around 24,000 Kiwis return home each year. Economist says NZ companies - which often return home with their tails between their legs after failing to deal with foreign business culture - need to do more to harness their talents.