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Kirk Hope

BusinessNZ upbeat on economy but concerned about private debt

Wed 28 Sep 4

Economic growth sits at 3.6% but the debt-to-income ratio is 165%, with dairy debt picked to top $40 billion soon 

Finance Minister Bill English

Foreign student vetting process may need revamp – English

Tue 27 Sep 6

Finance Minister Bill English's comments almost drowned out by shouting, angry students facing deportation

BILL ENGLISH: Rock star not his style

Order Paper: The limits of the feel good factor

Fri 23 Sep

The true role of conservative parties is to preserve “islands of value in a sea of price” in a world where, it seems, everything is up for auction, be that auction commercial or political.


Kermadec row opens up fault lines on both sides of politics

Tue 20 Sep 5

Effectively what is going on is a renegotiation of the initial, 2008 deal between the National and Maori parties.

Bill English

English not worried about low GDP per capita growth

Thu 15 Sep 2

The Finance Minister says the confidence in the economy has been “surprising, in some respects.” With feature special audio.

Finance Minister Bill English (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

‘A different planet’ – global economists talks up New Zealand’s prospects

Fri 2 Sep

Leading economist praises New Zealand – and says government and Reserve Bank will have to work closer together.



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