Bill English

Finance Minister Bill English

Five-year household savings rate positive for first time since 1989-1994 — English

Wed 26 Nov 14

Households have together saved more than they spent over the past 5 consecutive years – the first time this has happened since 1989-94, Bill English says.

Finance Minister Bill English (TV3)

Treasury papers show pressure on surplus target

Fri 21 Nov 14

Documents show public sector wage demands could blow out the government's balanced budget.

Finance Minister Bill English

English flags 'challenge' to budget surplus

Thu 20 Nov 14 1

English is warning next month's half yearly fiscal and economic update may not forecast a budget surplus.

G20 meeting delegates in Sydney (TV3)

G20 on tax avoidance: never mind the outcome, feel the process

Mon 17 Nov 14 1

Bland generalities on anti-tax avoidance plan collossal scope of the global project.

Finance Minister Bill English (TV3)

G20: NZ expects to benefit from commitment to lift growth

Mon 17 Nov 14

G20: Commitments to lift economic growth by an extra 2.1% by 2018.

Finance Minister Bill English

G20: Inflation likely to pick up as labour market pressures emerge - English

Sun 16 Nov 14 4

Inflation likely to pick up as labour market pressures emerge, English says.


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