Bill English

Finance Minister Bill English (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

IN FOCUS: 'Challenging' economic changes do not require revisiting RBNZ inflation target, says English

Thu 21 Jul 2

Finance Minister says even in countries where inflation targeting has been put under greater pressure than in NZ, they are not changing. With special feature audio.

Finance Minister Bill English

Pot reform equals dollars and sense, says Treasury

Tue 19 Jul 23

Internal Treasury documents released under the OIA suggest the government could save up to $400 million a year.

Finance Minister Bill English on TVNZ's Q&A

First home buyers need to have patience: Bill English

Sun 17 Jul 1

The latest from the market where houses are valuing up at the rate of one Sky TV subscription per hour.

Finance Minister Bill English

Treasury recommended delaying some science investments to ensure 'value for money'

Fri 15 Jul

In two aide memorandum to English this year, Treasury officials said they backed plans for targeted funding in bodies that had proved themselves and were ready for investment.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce

Labour’s housing package: good politics, (mostly) bad policy

Fri 15 Jul

Labour got the politics of its housing package right even if the policy is extremely light.

Bill Shorten and Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

On the money: Housing issues won’t go away

Fri 15 Jul

Governments on both sides of the Tasman are grappling with politically popular policies promoted by opposition parties 



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