Bill English

BERL chief economists Ganesh Nana

Prepare for further high unemployment figures – economist

Tue 10 Nov 1

New Zealand’s unemployment rate has higher to climb as the economy continues to slow.


Will unemployment go higher? BERL chief economist Ganesh Nana explains on NBR Radio and on demand via MyNBR Radio.

Editorial: Strong finances deserve credit rating upgrade

Fri 6 Nov

Labour market statistics are noted for their half-full, half-empty nature.

Finance Minister Bill English (Photo: Rob Hosking)

Tax windfall sees government books show continued strength

Fri 6 Nov

The government accounts are still tracking above forecast.

Finance Minister Bill English (Photo: Rob Hosking)

Government books back in the red

Fri 6 Nov 1

Shortfall $545 million.

Finance Minister Bill English (Photo: Rob Hosking)

English sounds more upbeat on the economy as job figures soften

Thu 5 Nov 1

Bill English fielding questions from a fired up opposition who smelt blood.


Plus: Audio from Bill English.

Employers and Manufacturers Association (Northern) chief executive Kim Campbell

Government announces attack on 'weapons of mass administrative delay'

Mon 2 Nov 1

Ministers have asked the Productivity Commission to tell it, again, what a god-awful job local councils are doing.


Rob Hosking on the crackdown on regulatory delays on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.


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