Bill English

Lines utilities under threat, firms turn to hybrids

Fri 31 Jul

The technological developments threatening the value of electricity lines companies include the increasing use of solar panels installed on rooftops, increasingly effective batteries and electric cars.

Finance Minister Bill English (Tinaz Karbhari)

Govt wants to limit UFB involvement, wary of stuffing up sector, English says

Thu 23 Jul 5

"We do not want the government to remain long term as a significant influence and participant in the telecommunications sector because it will stuff it up," Bill English told the conference.

Finance Minister Bill English (Rob Hosking)

Bill English says lines companies' value at risk of destruction

Thu 23 Jul 8

There's too much “complacency” among the community-owned lines companies, Bill English said.

Bill English (Rob Hosking)

Lack of dairy regulation has insulated the economy from price shocks: English

Thu 23 Jul

Bill English said sound regulation had built a more resilient economy, and pointed to "the dairy price shock" as an example.

The Tiwai Point smelter

No more govt sweeteners to keep Tiwai Point open, Key says

Mon 20 Jul 7

Whoever owns the smelter would be liable for perhaps $400 million in site remediation costs if they closed the smelter.

WHAT TRIGGERED IT ALL: Finance Minister Bill English delivered his speech about government change to the backrdrop of ‘King Dick’ Seddon and the Beehive

Government on the smart phone: moving to a citizen-centred state sector

Fri 17 Jul

Inland Revenue’s high-profile $2 billion ICT business transformation project is only the most visible point of an extremely large, changing iceberg of how government is done in New Zealand.
Rob Hosking talks to some of the people who are not so much driving the changes as surfing the shift in public attitudes causing the changes



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