SURPRISING: The sedan is lighter than drivers expect so feels fleet-footed

Jaguar XE S: nimble cat on a hot tin proverbial

Fri 29 Jul

Of course, climatically speaking, there was nothing hot about the environs I was driving Jaguar’s just-arrived XE S through this past week. 

X5 XDRIVE40E: Looks conventional – apart from the plug-in

BMW’s plug-in X5 heralds the ‘new normal’

Fri 8 Jul

In terms of viable alternatives to conventional internal combustion, we are living in exciting times. Well, we will be by the end of 2016 anyway.

WEE TERRIER: The BMW M2 is small but has serious oomph

BMW M2: Perfecting the notion of the ‘pocket rocket’

Fri 24 Jun

The BMW M2 is a stunning little sports car. “Little”? Well yes, it’s rather diminutive by modern standards. In fact, it’s about the same size as the original E30 M3 from the mid-1980s; an important touchpoint.

HOLDEN COLORADO: Holden is continuing a solid run here – but its parent company’s sales are down a whopping 18% in the US

Record new vehicle sales figures for May

Fri 10 Jun

The golden summer of 2016 continues on into winter for new car distributors as records continue to tumble in the New Zealand new vehicle market.

STALWART A4: An attractive beast that skirts a line between conservative and menacing

Audi’s A4 remains a sure bet with plenty of surprises

Fri 13 May

Death, taxes and the Audi A4; they’ll always be there. That’s not to cast Audi’s perennial mid-sizer in an unfair light; truth be told it’s actually something of a compliment.

Motor Industry Association chief executive David Crawford

BMW regains lead as top luxury car

Thu 3 Mar 1

BMW has overtaken Mercedes-Benz as the most popular luxury passenger car so far this year.


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