Sharemarket tilts away from yield to growth stocks

Mon 19 Sep 3

Or are this month’s moves just a temporary re-balancing? With special feature audio.

Bancorp Treasury Services senior client advisor Peter Cavanaugh

Investors in Europe now pay to lend corporates money

Fri 9 Sep 1

When companies borrow money, they usually expect to pay interest but the tables have turned in Europe where investors are piling into sure-fire money-losing bond offers. With special feature audio.

Spark CEO Simon Moutter

Spark issues 10-year bond, paying 3.94%

Wed 31 Aug

The company is paying 1.55 percent above the ten-year swap rate.

Kiwi Property Group chief executive Chris Gudgeon

Kiwi Property to raise up to $125m in bond offer, ANZ NZ eyes local debt market

Tue 23 Aug

Kiwi Property is selling $75 million of seven-year fixed rate senior secured bonds with oversubscriptions of up to $50 million.

CM Partners principal Sean Joyce

Oceania Natural offers 'manuka bonds' to fund honey supply

Fri 12 Aug 21

Sean Joyce's CM Partners designed the new type of bond, secured over a barrel of honey.

Wellington airport chief executive Steve Sanderson

Wellington Airport plans to sell $60m of eight-year bonds

Mon 25 Jul

The company is considering the offer of unsecured, unsubordinated, fixed-rate bonds maturing on August 5, 2024.


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