Brent Robinson

Rakon’s IoT move applauded, but can it deliver?

Fri 8 Apr

From radio communications to GPS, from cellphones to telecommunications and now the internet of things (IoT), NZX-listed Rakon doesn’t sit still.

Rakon chief executive Brent Robinson (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

'Rakon has a history of reinventing itself,' CEO says

Tue 5 Apr 3

First it was radio communications, then GPS, then cellphones and now it's the Internet of Things. With special feature audio.

Rakon managing director Brent Robinson

Rakon sees flat earnings in 2016 as global telco market slows

Fri 18 Sep 3

Rakon returned to profit in the 2015 year after overhauling its global operations.

Rakon chief executive Brent Robinson

Market gives slight nod to Rakon's profit relief

Fri 22 May

Rakon’s new-found profitability is a step in the right direction but the company will have to make sure its product can stay relevant.

Rosetta spacecraft (NASA)

Spaceship parts maker Rakon's biggest growth in telecoms

Thu 13 Nov 1

Rakon CEO talks on space profits, growth plans.

Rakon chief executive Brent Robinson

UPDATED: Rakon shares climb to 21-month high as return to profitability loom

Thu 13 Nov 1

Affirms guidance after cost cuts.



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