brian edwards

View from the bach at Leigh (Dr Brian Edwards)

From Omaha to Hotel California

WEEKEND REVIEW Sat 18 Apr 15 4

Dr Brian Edwards on his new bach.

MediaWorks director Julie Christie

The Campbell Live Debate – A Considered View

WEEKEND REVIEW Fri 10 Apr 15 29

Brian Edwards on Campbell Live as something more than a television show.

The Paul Henry Show line-up: Jim Kayes (sports), Perlina Lau (social media), Paul Henry and Hilary Barry

Paul Henry wraps first week as stablemate Campbell Live steals spotlight

Fri 10 Apr 15 4

The experts' verdict on the notorious TV personality and his new show.

Australians: bad losers; worse winners

Holiday Review 8

Brian Edwards on tempting to attribute the character of the professional Australian sportsman and sportswoman to that of their nation’s first arrivals.

Mark Osborne and Prime Minister John Key

Ten ways to lose a byelection without even trying

Fri 27 Mar 15 8

It's grim up north.

Some free media advice for Dean Barker: Ditch the sad-sack look!

Fri 13 Mar 15 18

If there is a PR job to be done at the moment, it’s not for Grant Dalton but rather for Dean Barker.


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