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brian edwards

Long run or short season for David Cunliffe?

Dr Brian Edwards

Some acting experience an advantage but not required

Dr Brian Edwards

There’s some truth to the ‘but’ that lies at the back of so many people’s minds; the ill-defined but nagging doubt as to whether David Cunliffe is a man you can trust.

Election night ratings: TVNZ vs TV3

Dr Brian Edwards says TV One and TV 3 should take notes from American political debates

The day I met Rolf Harris

Dr Brian Edwards

What I found odd was not that Harris was looking at these, by today’s standards, relatively tame photos, but that he continued to look at them throughout our brief conversation, turning and sometimes inverting the page.

On Shane Taurima, Linda Clark and conflicts of interest left, right and centre

Brian Edwards

Unless there is an outright denial of Key’s accusation, Clark should not be fulfilling any role in TV3’s current affairs or election coverage.

What ACT’s Jamie Whyte could learn from Albert Einstein

Brian Edwards

UPDATE: A three-way prison fight breaks out between Jamie Whyte, Brian Edwards and Eric Crampton in Comments.