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Some free media advice for Dean Barker: Ditch the sad-sack look!

Fri 13 Mar 15 18

If there is a PR job to be done at the moment, it’s not for Grant Dalton but rather for Dean Barker.

Catch 22 and the war on terrorism


Brian Edwards on Army recruitment.

Um, er, like, y’know and what the hell happened to the schwa?

WEEKEND REVIEW Sun 22 Feb 15 2

The key to fluency is having what you want to say pre-programmed in your brain a few seconds before it comes out of your mouth. You can learn to do this!

An atheist reflects on God, religious belief and Isis

WEEKEND REVIEW Sat 21 Feb 15 14

Torturing people who disagree with your interpretation of the wishes of a deity, chopping off their heads or burning them alive – none of these is an invention of Isis.


Why are New Zealanders so effing loud?

Holiday Review 12

For the most part, New Zealand men are loud.

Eleanor Catton

I offer my humble opinion on Eleanor Catton’s treason

WEEKEND REVIEW Sat 31 Jan 15 55

This need to be constantly reassured of our worth, this adolescent insecurity is still a feature of the New Zealand psyche.


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