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Dr Brian Edwards

3D’s demise ‘regrettable but probably just a fact of life’ – Edwards

Fri 6 Nov

Commercial broadcasters have no obligation to screen programmes that don't rate, Brian Edwards says.


Brian Edwards talks about the realities of commercial television on NBR Radio and on demand via MyNBR Radio.

Punish or rehab? Readers weigh in on emotive prison debate

Wed 14 Oct 15

Commentator Brian Edwards is "gratified" by the result.

On punishment and why we Kiwis can’t get enough of it

Tue 13 Oct 34

Garth McVicar worried that our country’s prison policy is more concerned about helping inmates than punishing them.

Felix and Max

On vets, specialists and debt collectors – a rave!


Brian Edwards on the cost of living with pets.


Brian Edwards talks about vets on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Most NBR poll participants sided with Mike Hosking

Readers' verdict on Mike Hosking's 'ponytailgate' rant

Mon 5 Oct 6

Which media commentator did NBR readers side with?

Brian Edwards

Mike Hosking deserves harsher punishment – Brian Edwards

Thu 1 Oct 22

But former TVNZ head of news Bill Ralston disagrees, saying Amanda Bailey put herself in the public arena


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