Brian Henry

Chapman Tripp securities law specialist Roger Wallis

NZ market 'peculiarities' to test law in Warminger case

Mon 3 Aug

Chapman Tripp specialist Roger Wallis discusses the FMA's market manipulation claim

Arria NLG founding chairman Brian Henry

Kiwi investors' Arria NLG seeking funds 'as a matter of urgency'

Fri 1 May

The British software company which had Gareth Morgan, Theresa Gattung and David Ross as early investors has admitted worries over its future.

Brendan Horan

Opposing lawyer to quit Horan defamation case

Wed 3 Dec

Claim understood to be $650,000 against Horan and MediaWorks.

Botulism scare’s ripple effect, Brian Henry’s manipulation defence, Xero rival’s ambush and Helen Clark’s legacy

Fri 9 Aug

It’s not just dairy exporters who will be caught by the Fonterra botulism scare.


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