Vodafone CEO Russell Stanners

RAW DATA: TrueNet October 2015 Broadband Report - Vodafone Cable the Standout Performer

Wed 18 Nov

Performance of Vodafone 100Mb/s Cable download is now equivalent, if not better than competitive 100Mb/s UFB fibre services.

Crown Fibre Holdings chief executive Graham Mitchell

Crown Fibre says rural responsibilities a practical fit for broadband extension

Thu 12 Nov

The government handed over responsibility for the second phase of the rural broadband initiative and mobile black spot fund to the Crown agency last month.

CallPlus CEO Mark Callander

RAW DATA: TrueNet September 2015 Broadband Report: Slingshot copper improvement impressive

Fri 23 Oct 2

TrueNet note an impressive Slingshot improvement with their performance on copper connections in September compared with their August result.

TeamTalk chief executive David Ware

Company result 'crap' - TeamTalk boss

Thu 22 Oct 1

TeamTalk's founder and managing director David Ware lived up to his reputation for plain speaking at the annual shareholders' meeting.


TeamTalk's founder and managing director David Ware talks about his company's results on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Spark CEO Simon Moutter

RAW DATA: TrueNet August 2015 Broadband Report - Congestion Appears on Fibre Networks

Fri 18 Sep 2

Many ISPs are now showing signs of congestion in their fibre products.

Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe

RAW DATA: Broadband congestion issues resolved

Tue 30 Jun

Truenet's May 2015 Urban/Rural Broadband Report.


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