Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe

Chorus still strugging to reach adequate service levels

Tue 30 Aug

Chorus chief executive Mark Ratcliffe says his company can’t keep using the excuse that ultra fast broadband is new to explain its still inadequate service levels. With special feature audio.

TrueNet principal John Butt

RAW DATA: TrueNet May 2016 Broadband Report - Incredible Copper Speeds - (ADSL & VDSL)

Tue 28 Jun 2

Another month of excellent copper connection performance by all ISPs that we measure, the best on record.

TrueNet principal John Butt

RAW DATA: TrueNet April 2016 Broadband Report - NZ Internet now Better than USA

Fri 20 May

This month we compare webpage download speeds with those reported by the FCC who use nearly identical methods to TrueNet.

TrueNet principal John Butt

It's not just the speed, stupid

Wed 6 Apr 1

The government promotes two surveys that quantify New Zealand broadband's gains. With special feature audio.

Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe

RAW DATA: TrueNet February 2016 Broadband Report - Rural broadband improvements continue

Wed 30 Mar

The continuing development of internet connections in the latest quarter has seen consistent improvements in performance. 

Spark CEO Simon Moutter

RAW DATA: TrueNet February 2016 Broadband Report: Congestion on Some ISPs - 100Mb/s Services

Tue 22 Mar

Higher speed services are showing signs of congestion for panelists on smaller ISPs, evidenced by speed reductions in the evening busy hours. Larger ISPs are still performing well, and appear to have congestion under control.


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