Amy Adams (left), Prime Minister John Key and National Party candidate Mark Osborne (@CrownFibre)

RAW DATA: TrueNet Feb 2015 Broadband Report: Rural Broadband - the Poor Country Cousin

Fri 20 Mar 15 1

The Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) funded by Government is having an immense impact, halving download times for upgraded connections, but still not as good as urban broadband.

Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe

RAW DATA: TrueNet February 2015 Broadband Report - ADSL Broadband Speed is More Consistent

Wed 25 Feb 15

TrueNet tests show surprising improvements in the consistency of ADSL performance in our third year of publishing results.

RAW DATA: December 2014 Urban Broadband Report - Vodafone Tops International Speed Test

Tue 27 Jan 15 1

The Quarterly Latency report shows Vodafone and Spark are best in Fibre, Snap and Vodafone in VDSL.

Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe

RAW DATA: TrueNet December 2014 - NZ Broadband Speed Accelerates in 2014

Tue 16 Dec 14

With the recent publication of Chorus customer numbers for each technology, TrueNet can now publish a reliable NZ wide speed calculation.

Prime Minister John Key

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Which ANZAC government’s broadband rollout is best?

Tue 16 Dec 14

Kiwis line up with their own government's UFB strategy, mate.


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