Bruce Sheppard

Liftoff managing director Adam Hunt

New crowdfunder Liftoff fails to fly on first outing with eco-tour business

Thu 3 Sep 5

Liftoff's website confirms the offer has closed but gives no indication of the outcome and an "oops an error" message flashes up when the offer is clicked on.

Liftoff managing director Adam Hunt

Liftoff's first campaign is Rotorua eco-tourism venture

Tue 28 Jul

Bruce Sheppard's new equity crowdfunding platform has launched its first campaign.

NZVIF investment director Chris Twiss

Early stage investment soars amid 'extreme risk'- report

Fri 10 Jul

NZVIF warns at least four in 10 early stage companies fail, and points to its own experience as a lesson.

Bruce Sheppard

New equity crowdfunding site to tackle high valuation problem

Wed 8 Jul 4

Liftoff director Bruce Sheppard says: "Equity crowdfunding is actually being treated as an opportunity to misprice risk."


Calida Smylie talks about Liftoff on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Bruce Sheppard

Bruce Sheppard's Connexionz posts a more than three-fold profit jump

Fri 19 Jun 1

The company’s net profit for the year ended March rose to $855,035.


Jenny Ruth talks about Connexionz on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

McClay shoots wrong target, African retailer appraises Postie, FMA handed Hanover files and World Cup explains world

Fri 13 Jun

Concern is growing over the Revenue Minister’s dramatic change of tax law by press release


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