Order Paper: Win or lose in Northland, some things have to change

Fri 27 Mar 15

If National loses in Northland tomorrow, it will be its own fault.


OLIVER HARTWICH: Says a higher exchange rate will work to increase exporters’ incentive to be more productive.

High kiwi dollar not the kryptonite for NZ exporters many expect

Fri 27 Mar 15

A higher kiwi dollar could boost New Zealand exporters’ productivity, leaving them better off in the long run.


MATHURIN MOLGAT: Wilding & Co director converts invasive species into high-end consumer products

Three agribusiness ‘world-firsts’ whet investors’ palate

Fri 27 Mar 15

In spite of New Zealand agribusinesses’ century-long legacy of success and innovation in multiple fields, access to capital has hamstrung the sector’s start-ups for a comparatively long length of time.


BARNABY SWIRE: New Zealand is part of John Swire & Sons’ maritime plan

Swire’s sixth generation chairman keen to invest in NZ

Fri 27 Mar 15

The first time Barnaby Swire came to New Zealand was on a ship in 1981 as a young man straight out of Eton College.



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