An artist's impression of the Skypath

Brewer sounds warning over SkyPath

Sat 4 Jul 31

Councillor says usage targets are "pie in the sky stuff." Ratepayers will have to foot the toll shortfall.

It’s time for the IRD to do the right thing and repay the David Ross Ponzi scheme victims all of the tax they paid on fake returns - Brent Gilchrist

David Ross clawback judgment reaffirms full tax refund claim

Sat 4 Jul

Inland Revenue should “do the right thing” and repay tax paid by victims of David Ross on fictitious profits after the High Court found the Ponzi scheme was all a façade, a tax accountant says.

LOCAL AUTHORITY ADVOCATE: Local Government New Zealand CEO Lawrence Yule

The council cost conundrum

Fri 3 Jul

Many ratepayers around the country are mad as hell and don’t want to take the apparently inexorable rise of council rates anymore. But what rate relief options does local government have – and will central government allow them to be used?

MATTHEW JOURNEE: CropLogic’s chief executive says ‘If you’re going to raise money, you’ve just got to get out there’

Pitch perfect: figuring out how to poach the pockets of the showcase investor

Fri 3 Jul

Farm financial management software provider Figured is the first of nine early-stage businesses to raise new capital following a government-backed investment showcase near Palmerston North four months ago.

NO RISING INEQUALITY: NZ Initiative head of research Dr Eric Crampton says a working paper from the Treasury reveals inequality in New Zealand is trending downward

Time for NZ to change its tune on inequality?

Fri 3 Jul

Inequality in New Zealand is declining, figures from a Treasury working paper reveal.

(Far left) ALL MALE: BNZ’s staff in 1910. Before World War I, women were not employed by banks

War let women into bank jobs 100 years ago

Fri 3 Jul

The 160-year old Bank of New Zealand celebrated a significant milestone last month – 100 years ago it employed its first female staffer.



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