MORE CHINESE TOURISTS: HSBC chief Australia and New Zealand economist Paul Bloxham says as a result of China’s growing middle class, more Chinese tourists will  visit New Zealand

China’s growing middle class spells big business for New Zealand

Fri 24 Apr 15

The rising number of people in China’s middle class should have a big impact on New Zealand’s economy, as their taste for tourism is projected to increase.


Order Paper: Greens want policies adopted; Labour wants to hate John Key

Fri 24 Apr 15

The two larger opposition parties have been eerily quiet since the Northland by-election


TIM GROSER: Inconceivable for Canada to pull out now

Groser’s harsh words as US inches to TPP deal

Fri 24 Apr 15

Just before a potentially imminent political trade concession by the US, New Zealand is urging Canada and Japan to make meaningful steps to open agricultural markets.


FOREST OWNER: Owed $97,000 says she did not sign contract with HarvestPro

Silverdale’s director duo leave creditors stumped

Fri 24 Apr 15

HarvestPro’s unsecured creditors are demanding answers over how the failed forest contractor can walk away from most of its $26 million debt while its two directors continue to operate dozens of other companies out of its suburban Auckland Silverdale office.


KIM MCLEOD: Another case will come along

Law left bare as Nakedbus case settles

Fri 24 Apr 15

Trademark owners wanting protection from “ambush marketing” using Google AdWords have lost out as a test case has settled.

ANDREW HARVEY-GREEN: Market complacency about lake levels won’t last forever

Power prices plummet as lakes dwindle

Fri 24 Apr 15

Hydro power lake levels are at their lowest in seven years, yet wholesale electricity prices are falling – the opposite of what is expected to occur.



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