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Business NZ chief executive Phil O'Reilly

Lobbies welcome TPP

Tue 6 Oct

Benefits of TTP touted by many lobby groups. 

Business NZ executive director of manufacturing Catherine Beard

Editor's Insight: Dumping debate deepens as consumer test is imposed

Mon 31 Aug

The government rejects an automatic termination period for countervailing duties.


Nevil Gibson discusses his latest Editor's Insight on NBR Radio on MyNBR Radio.

BusinessNZ chief executive Phil O’Reilly

NZ Post slashes mail delivery in half, affects business

Tue 10 Mar 1

Delivery days are being tested in parts of Auckland now, with six-day-a-week deliveries continuing for priority mail and courier parcels.

Catherine Beard: plenty find the negativity to be a distraction

Business NZ faulted for failing to support export manufacturers

Mon 17 Jun 4

The Opposition parties' inquiry finds major "fissures" in the sector.

EDITOR'S INSIGHT: Business throws down gauntlet in Green/Labour power play

Thu 2 May 56

“Capital destruction on such a scale will severely undermine business confidence,” open letter says.

Manufacturing sector stabilises after 'big wobble'

Thu 15 Nov

The PMI has emerged from a four-month contraction, the longest consecutive monthly fall since 2009.


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