Trump: enjoying a post-convention bounce

Trump takes lead in latest polls

Tue 26 Jul 20

PLUS: Some Democrats claim a Trump-Putin link behind the alleged Russian hacking of DNC servers.

Prime Minister John Key

Predator-free NZ: Government vows to turn back the stoats

Tue 26 Jul 7

Opponents who grizzle about the level of government funding are playing into National's hands. With special feature audio.

Prime Minister John Key

Politics: that 10% jump for National decoded

Mon 25 Jul 19

Those people who did not vote and who left-wing activists believe should be voting for their parties have not leapt from their couches in excitement because some politicians in Wellington signed a memorandum of understanding. With special feature audio.

Wikileaks founder and "editor-in-chief Julian Assange

Wikileaks releases 20,000 DNC emails as part of new 'Hillary Leaks' series

Sun 24 Jul 29

Some utu for Julian Assange. UPDATE: Top Democrat resigns.

John Tamihere on The Nation

Tamihere, Seymour clash over charter school contract

Sun 24 Jul 8

Government trying to claw back millions of dollars in taxpayer funding.


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