NZ Politics Daily: Sexual politics and state integrity

Tue 25 Nov 14

NZ POLITICS DAILY: November 25 2014 from Dr Bryce Edwards

Former Security Intelligence Service boss Warren Tucker (TV3)

Gwyn report: shocking naivety or toadying by SIS officials?

Tue 25 Nov 14 7

If the country’s top security officials genuinely did not know of Mr de Joux’s role, they should be re-appointed as filing clerks somewhere. 

Phil Goff and Cameron Slater (TVNZ)

Top tweets about the SIS Dirty Politics report

Tue 25 Nov 14

This is a selection of some of the more interesting tweets in response to the release of the official report into the release of information to SIS information to Slater, as alleged in Hager's book.

Andrew Little: "I haven't been working off previous rankings. I've been working off my own." (Rob Hosking)

Little's Labour lineup: attack, rather than policy, is the priority

Mon 24 Nov 14 3

There's a whiff of All Black coach Laurie Mains about Andrew Little's appointments.

Phil Goff (TV3)

Labour's finance role: why not Goff?

Mon 24 Nov 14 1

Little's finance choice should reflect ability and competence, not Labour's internal divisions.

Iain Rennie

State Services Commissioner ‘unfit for the job’ says Little

Mon 24 Nov 14 4

UPDATED: Bennett stands by Rennie | Edwards says SSC boss needs to put aside personal friendships and "run this investigation in a modern way".


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