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Election 2014: Left routed

John Key: After the most surreal campaign in living memory, his party has gained two seats (@rnz)

National increases vote | NZ First rises but Winston's kingmaker services not required | Conservatives fail to make 5% | Internet Mana wiped out as Harawira loses seat | Labour rebel Stuart Nash takes Napier from National | Labour defectors go to NZ First rather than Greens

NZ POLITICS DAILY: September 19 2014

Bryce Edwards

Election 2014: outliers will determine govt

Winston Peters, Peter Dunne and Jamie Whyte (TV3)

NZ POLITICS DAILY: September 18 2014

Bryce Edwards

Peters jumps, National slumps in 3News poll

Winston Peters (TV3)

Labour, Greens now silent on SkyCity convention deal

SkyCity proposed hotel/expansion (Artist's Rendition)