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Monster donations see Conservatives pull ahead of Internet Mana in big money race

Hey, big spender

NZ POLITICS DAILY: September 1 2014

Bryce Edwards

Election 2014: Containing the Crusher

Judith Collins: “He can’t sack her – she’d go feral,” was a comment heard from three National Party people faithful just 10 event-filled days ago

NZ POLITICS DAILY: August 31 2014

Bryce Edwards

'This is absolutely in a class of its own' — Key on allegation Collins gunned for SFO head

In sharp contrast with other revelations in recent weeks, Mr Key is not dismissing these allegations

Ready for Prime Ministers Norman and Turei?

The PM's ill-judged and almost certainly untruthful response to the Dirty Politics affair – along with his inexplicable decision not to sack Collins – has seriously damaged his chances of a third term