Cameron Slater

Prime Minister John Key

I misheard, mispoke, but did not lie – Key

Thu 27 Nov 14 13

"Courtesy" responses to Cameron Slater were different from engaging in dialogue, PM says.

Prime Minister John Key and Cameron Slater

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL RESULT: Do you believe top SIS officials really did not know their information was being used by Key’s staffers for political purpose?

Thu 27 Nov 14 1

SIS may not agree with the results, but they knew about it all along, say Member Subscribers.

Prime Minister John Key (Rob Hosking)

OPINION: Key's arrogance risks wrecking Nats' historic opportunity

Thu 27 Nov 14 20

Now, really: if a mate texts you the Labour Party is trying to kill him, do you think you’re likely to forget it? In less than 24 hours?

Released by the PM's office: The text exchange from Monday between Key and Slater

Key backtracks over texts with Slater

Thu 27 Nov 14 9

Exchange published after PM makes correction in Parliament.

Cameron Slater, Prime Minister John Key and Phil Goff (TVNZ)

SIS report equals egg all over Key’s face – Goff

Tue 25 Nov 14 2

Phil Goff wants apology, assurance, from John Key.


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