Communications Minister Amy Adams

Telco law review favours consumers over investors, First NZ says

Fri 15 Jul 2

The government wants to have the new regime in place from 2020. With special feature audio.

Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe

Promise and peril for Chorus in Telco Act review

Fri 15 Jul

The review of the Telecommunications Act is a once-in-a-generation shake-up.

Tuanz chief executive Craig Young

Sky-Vodafone merger and, yes, Pokemon Go hang over Telco Act review

Tue 12 Jul

PLUS: Chorus will be able to force copper migration | Net neutrality at risk | Options paper has positive news for Sky, Vodafone and Chorus. With special feature audio.


Communications Minister Amy Adams

Adams proposes hybrid price regulation for telco networks

Tue 12 Jul 3

The government had already signalled plans to change the way prices are regulated. With special feature audio.

Chorus chief executive Mark Ratlciffe

'Ultra-shoddy' installations: Chorus boss updates on UFB crew numbers, capex impact

Fri 8 Jul 9

With special feature audio: Chorus boss Mark Ratcliffe on the scramble to keep up with UFB demand.

Enable Services chief executive Steve Fuller

Crown changes equity to debt in fibre company Enable

Mon 4 Jul 1

Christchurch council says fully owning Enable will put city in a “unique and strong” position. With special feature audio.


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