Communications and Broadcasting Minister Amy Adams

UFB uptake creeps up to 16%

Fri 20 Nov 1

More than 133,000 homes and businesses have now connected to ultra fast broadband.

M2 GM of consumer Taryn Hamilton (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

M2’s Chorus woes

Mon 9 Nov 1

Three years since the launch of UFB, Taryn Hamilton says things are still a long way off an ideal customer experience.


Chris Keall talks to M2 general manager consumer Taryn Hamilton on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Chris O'Connell

‘Chorus wants return to stable past,’ broadband commentator says

Fri 6 Nov

"Chorus are stuck trying to recreate a stable, 'steady state' past in a world that is evolving at an accelerating and unpredictable pace" – Chris O'Connell.


Chris O’Connell talks about Chorus performance on NBR Radio and on demand via MyNBR Radio.

Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe

Chorus wants detailed re-write of telco law

Wed 4 Nov 6

Chorus backs the government's proposal to install a similar oversight regime used for lines companies.

Chorus chief executive Mark Ratcliffe

Chorus hopes to have acceptable service levels by Christmas

Wed 28 Oct 8

Chorus admits it's struggling to keep up with demand for fibre connections but it hopes to be able to provide adequate service levels by Christmas.


Jenny Ruth talks to Chorus chief executive Mark Ratcliffe and chairman Patrick Strange on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.

Chorus chairman Patrick Strange

Regulatory regime still 'a sticking point' – Chorus

Tue 27 Oct 1

Chorus encouraged by the discussion paper on the future of regulation.


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