Hoyts new cinema site in Christchurch opposite the new bus exchange

Hoyts planning new complex in Christchurch CBD

Sat 27 Aug

Work will start early next year on the new 10,800sq complex.

Rodney Hide

Why it’s easy for others to spend your money


In Christchurch, we have the just-completed Margaret Mahey playground. It cost $41 million. Is that a good use of money? With special feature audio.

Fairfax exploits Canterbury market share to shut out local paper, Chch Star says

Thu 21 Jul 2

Star Media says Fairfax is dominant in Canterbury and uses that position to undercut its competitor. With special feature audio.

Harcourts chief executive Chris Kennedy

Forget Auckland and Christchurch – LVR restrictions are about the provinces

Thu 21 Jul

Instead of relying on the Reserve Bank to control the property market, central government needs to take action – Chris Kennedy. With special feature audio.

Capital Letter: The danger (and insurance consequences) of fires on lifestyle properties

Thu 14 Jul

A recent Christchurch High Court decision offers lessons about the dangers of burning fires on lifestyle blocks and the tenacity of insurers.

Canterbury Development Corporation chief executive Tom Hooper

Canterbury economy moves past rebuild to new growth areas

Thu 7 Jul

Canterbury Development Corp's CEO outlines the future sources of business growth. With special feature audio.


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