More offerings at Rolleston

Fri 19 Dec 14

New lease of life following the earthquakes when many Christchurch residents bought sections there.

The Christchurch “south frame” of the central building district, labeled '1' here (see map of the 'south frame' below)

CERA changes tack

Fri 19 Dec 14

The designations over private land were made in the expectation the Crown would buy the land for particular projects and the designations might lead to compulsory acquisition if a deal could not be struck.

Christchurch (TVNZ)

‘Crown more in control of Christchurch than council’

Fri 19 Dec 14

“This reflects our view that the Crown has more control over the reconstruction than the council'

Christchurch (TVNZ)

Ecan collects $83m in rates from unrepresented ratepayers

Wed 17 Dec 14

Commissioners were appointed in 2010 by the National government to appease rural interests.

Vero Insurance chief executive Gary Dransfield

Vero finally settles $550m three-year old quake claim

Tue 16 Dec 14

Vero has paid out $550m to University of Canterbury for its quake claims.

University of Canterbury vice-chancellor Rod Carr

University of Canterbury settles earthquake insurance claim for $550m

Mon 15 Dec 14

The university will receive an additional $247m to claims already paid or agreed to be paid.


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