climate change

Russel Norman

Editor's Insight: Did Norman jump before Greens sink further?

Tue 3 Feb 15 6

Lower oil prices undermine the environmental movement's campaign against fossil fuel.

Climate Change Minister Tim Groser

Lima summit puts climate change protocol 'back on track,' Groser says

Mon 15 Dec 14 2

"The number one requirement is participants, not depth of cuts. We’re not going to get rid of oil in the next 50 years.”

Climate Change Minister Tim Groser on The Nation

NZ will push the envelope on emissions targets, Groser says

Sun 7 Dec 14 11

As he heads to a UN conference, Climate Change Minister says negotiations to date have been a shambles, but that he's getting more optimistic.

Unexpected flood: Mission Bay Shopping Centre was unexpectedly flooded during an 'unusual' storm on the Auckland waterfront earlier this year

Climate change reports may devalue prime waterfront

Tue 2 Dec 14 3

Will thousands of prime waterfront properties around NZ become worthless or, at best, devalued over the next couple of decades?

Victoria University Geography, environment and earth sciences professor Martin Manning

Private sector to the rescue? Climate change needs industry, not government

Fri 28 Nov 14 5

As top officials squabble, the private sector and local government step in to push for change.

Matthew Hooton

It's climate change season again

Sat 8 Nov 14 18

As the temperature remains steady, the rhetoric heats up.


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