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Supreme Court denies Dotcom full access to files in extradition proceedings

Kim DotCom (TV3)

Copyright users given more of a fair deal

Earl Gray

COMMENT: Two recent Canadian Supreme Court decisions support a broader interpretation of the "fair dealing" defence to copyright infringement.

File sharing law: Three Telecom customers face penalties up to $15K

InternetNZ policy lead Susan Chalmers

Telecom highlights a drawback of the new law. InternetNZ says music labels are trying to make an example out of the first three accused - but it won't work. UPDATED

Comment: Why innovators need copyright protection

Catwalk design: Fashion is an exception

Ministry to Adams: concern copyright law protects outdated business models

Amy Adams

A briefing to Minister of Communications and IT Amy Adams is finally released under the Official Information Act. Iwi interests are on the table for the forthcoming spectrum auction. The ghost of Telecom and Vodafone's XT interference spat returns. PLUS: RAW DATA – the briefing paper.

TVShack extradition attempt has Dotcom parallels

In a test cast, the US is attempting to extradite a UK student for running a website - TVShack - which shared pirated TV shows and films to registered users.