Simpson Grierson partner Earl Gray

Turbine maker gets injunction on Contact Energy deal

Mon 22 Aug

Transfer to rival GE halted pending trade secrets trial.

Big Chinese TV station says local telco helps viewers beat copyright

Fri 12 Aug

A multi-billion dollar Chinese TV station is suing a small company claiming to be New Zealand’s first Chinese-owned telco for copyright infringement, court documents obtained by NBR reveal.

Eminem (TV3)

National Party lawyers want Eminem case split

Wed 9 Mar 5

Judge describes the case as unusual.

Economically speaking: Copyright dead rats, bon appétit

Fri 12 Feb

The costs of creating a new work are higher when protection is stricter

Commerce Minister Paul Goldsmith

Copyright law relook likely from creative sector review, Goldsmith says

Thu 3 Dec

Commerce Minister Paul Goldsmith said the study is currently gathering information but will probably lead to a review of legislation.

Kim Dotcom (TV3)

Megaupload defence 'an answer to nothing' - US

Mon 23 Nov 5

After 10 weeks, closing submissions in the Megaupload extradition hearing have finally begun - with Special Feature audio.


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