Customs Minister Nicky Wagner tests the upgraded SmartGate at Customhouse, Wellington

SmartGates boost NZ’s airport efficiency in world rankings

Mon 31 Aug 6

Two surveys put New Zealand sixth in the world for airport efficiency.

Missing million miniscule in annual $792 million cash exports

Fri 7 Aug

Customs data released to NBR ONLINE shows the bag of $1 million which went missing last month is part of $792 million exported in the last year.

Tech Liberty co-founder and NZ Council for Civil Liberties chairman Thomas Beagle: Criminals will use cloud services like Dropbox rather than carry files through customs on a laptop

Greens scream, Tech Liberty raises practical concerns as Customs asks for right to demand passwords

Thu 5 Mar 8

Customs wants the right to demand people disclose passwords for laptops, smartpones and other gadgets as they enter NZ, even if it has no warrant  — and the threat of up to three months' jail if they refuse.

MP has no evidence to back tobacco tax 'rort'

Fri 18 Jan 16

Andrew Williams wants government to look into excise tax "loophole".


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