David Cunliffe

Report author Bryan Gould

Labour review needed to ask one question

Thu 4 Jun 10

It didn't.

Labour Party’s spokesman for Tertiary Education David Cunliffe

Could the end be nigh for New Zealand’s student unions?

Wed 1 Apr 2

Student unions across the country have to pay an annual $45,000 fee to NZUSA.

Callaghan Innovation CEO Mary Quin

Callaghan quizzed by MPs over 'failures,' grants to foreign companies

Thu 12 Mar 6

"The quality of some of its grant making, lack of clarity on some of its criteria and policy failure that grants are automatic if applications meet the criteria have led to some bizarre results," David Cunliffe says.

Protester Michael Tavares has been perched 25m up the tree since Monday. He won't comment on arrangements for his ablutions. He has pledged to climb down later today

'500 year old' Kauri will stay; Vector gives couple the bash

Thu 12 Mar 40

In an open letter, the couple at the centre of Auckland's latest tree controversy back down — but not without a dig at opponents, and a request for compensation. UPDATE: Vector disappointed.

The cast of 2015: Cameron Slater, Judith Collins, Nicky Hager, Prime Minister John Key and Kim Dotcom

Politics 2014: The Year of the Hat

Fri 12 Dec 4

Who has three hats labelled "Party leader," "Shameless Opportunist" and "I Have the Self Awareness of a Bat"? Who has a strong, safety hat with a nosepeg attachment for talking with a blogger? Which group increasingly wear headgear labelled "Please Don't Shout at Me, Minister"?

David Cunliffe with Matt McCarten

Labour's back office: McCarten to stay

Thu 11 Dec 9

Matt McCarten is here to stay.


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