David Cunliffe

The cast of 2015: Cameron Slater, Judith Collins, Nicky Hager, Prime Minister John Key and Kim Dotcom

Politics 2014: The Year of the Hat

Fri 12 Dec 14 4

Who has three hats labelled "Party leader," "Shameless Opportunist" and "I Have the Self Awareness of a Bat"? Who has a strong, safety hat with a nosepeg attachment for talking with a blogger? Which group increasingly wear headgear labelled "Please Don't Shout at Me, Minister"?

David Cunliffe with Matt McCarten

Labour's back office: McCarten to stay

Thu 11 Dec 14 9

Matt McCarten is here to stay.

David Cunliffe (TV3)

Labour's review: Remedial Politics

Tue 9 Dec 14 2

After a long and hard think about the matter, the review team has concluded Labour should try to have a crack at being a bit more unified.

Andrew Little

SUBSCRIBER-ONLY POLL-RESULT: Does Andrew Little pose more of a threat to the government than David Cunliffe?

Wed 3 Dec 14 2

Andrew Little has come out swinging according to NBR poll participants, most of whom say Little poses more of a threat to the government than previous Labour leader David Cunliffe.

Andrew Little: "I haven't been working off previous rankings. I've been working off my own." (Rob Hosking)

Little's Labour lineup: attack, rather than policy, is the priority

Mon 24 Nov 14 3

There's a whiff of All Black coach Laurie Mains about Andrew Little's appointments.

Phil Goff (TV3)

Labour's finance role: why not Goff?

Mon 24 Nov 14 1

Little's finance choice should reflect ability and competence, not Labour's internal divisions.


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