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David Cunliffe

Labour limbers up for leadership runoff, self-immolation

David Cunliffe (TVNZ)

Shock! Horror! Wife defends husband!!!!

Brian Edwards

Law Society fails to front on Price’s social media savagery

Karen Price aka @TarnBabe67

UPDATED: Cunliffe's wife behind anonymous Twitter attack account

David Cunliffe and Karen Price with John Campbell (TV3)

David Cunliffe denies knowledge of the venomous account, despite being its first follower | Cosgrove hits back, saying Cunliffe is getting others to do his dirty work.

Long run or short season for David Cunliffe?

Dr Brian Edwards

UPDATED: Cunliffe resigns role, now seeks same again

Cunliffe at his stand-up this morning (@mcquillanatorz)