David Farrar

Treasury secretary Gabriel Makhlouf

Treasury on ETS vs carbon tax


Some people think there should be no cost added to carbon. But for those who think there should be, it is important to have the most efficient cost.

David Cameron and Ed Miliband (TVNZ)

UK seat forecast

Thu 7 May 1

David Farrar on the UK election seat forecast site.

Controller and Auditor-General Lyn Provost

Auditor-General on Auckland Council consents

Sun 3 May 4

David Farrar on the Auditor-General into Auckland Council consents.

The Auckland cafe where the ponytail incidents occurred will no doubt now have more pulling power with punters (@AndyPickeringNZ)

Inappropriate if accurate

Wed 22 Apr 16

David Farrarr on #tailgate.

Prime Minister John Key (Rob Hosking)

Do we benefit from Five Eyes?

Tue 21 Apr 4

David Farrar on Five Eyes.

John Armstrong

Inaugural media opinion statistics

Wed 8 Apr 5

Is mainstream media pro or anti National? An analysis.


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