David Farrar

David Farrar

What the Prime Minister’s $3b tax cuts look like

Mon 4 Jul 9

Options range from reducing rates to raising thresholds or a mix of both.

John Shewan

Shewan recommends greater disclosure for foreign trusts: puts 4 options on the table

Mon 27 Jun 7

More disclosure to be required from foreign trusts in Panama Papers fallout. With special feature audio.

We the people

Three reasons Brexit won


The polls, the pundits, the experts, the media – none of them counted.

Gareth Hughes continues to be an effective thorn in the side of those promoting deep sea oil drilling and fracking

US CO2 emissions keep reducing

Tue 31 May

OPINION: Carbon dioxide emissions in the United States fell again in 2015.

David Farrar

Budget 2016: Median earners forgotten in scramble for bigger government

Thu 26 May

OPINION: No matter how much money the government spends, there will be scores of politicians and lobby groups demanding even more.


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