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David Farrar

No Prime Minister's Office involvement in SIS OIA release

David Farrar

OPINION: If Rebecca Kitteridge says there was no involvement of the PMO in decision making, then that would have been the case.

OPINION: Excuse me, we urgently need to talk about social media and power

Nicky Hager (Rob Hosking)

The Nicky Hager book: a chapter on me

David Farrar

'1 + 1 = 49 and the prime minister’s a devil beast' — Joyce leads govt counterattack on Hager

David Cunliffe (TVNZ)

Joyce says book mix of exaggeration and already-known facts | Cunlfiffe says PM must answer questions about alleged 'black ops' using taxpayer-funded resources.

Welcome Spark

David Farrar

Online voting report released

David Farrar

Online voting is feasible, Department of Internal Affairs report finds.