Prime Minister John Key (photo credit: Rob Hosking)

RNZ too slow deleting John Key death threats from Facebook

Wed 23 Mar

Comments made on a video of John Campbell's new RNZ show threatened the prime minister and his late mother.

Prime Minister John Key

Just plain wrong – the PM’s taxpayer funded defamation settlement

Tue 22 Mar 13

A system whereby the taxpayer effectively indemnifies politicians for any legally dubious things those politicians might say in the heat of the moment is just plain wrong. With special feature audio

Tim Shadbolt

Fairfax and Shadbolt to receive $11k

Fri 18 Mar 1

Invercargill city councillor Karen Arnold has been ordered to pay.

Tim Shadbolt

Shadbolt v Arnold: 'Where is the harm?'

Wed 16 Mar

Battle between Invercargill politicians "regular rough and tumble of local body politics," judge says.

Penny Bright

Penny Bright's Auckland Council defamation claim survives

Mon 14 Mar 6

Penny Bright is seeking $350,000 in damages for comments made by Auckland Council chief executive Stephen Town.

Anderson Lloyd partner Nic Soper

Facebook, Twitter trigger push for defamation change

Thu 3 Mar

Businesses should shoot first and ask questions later when it comes to social media defamation, a laywer says. With special feature audio.


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