Brendan Horan (TV3)

Court tells bankrupt suing Horan, MediaWorks to pay up

Wed 25 Mar 15 1

Alleged defamation sting revealed.

RadioLive host Sean Plunket

Bankrupt suing Brendan Horan, MediaWorks a no show in court

Thu 5 Mar 15

$350K plus "unspecifed damages" sought over Sean Plunket interview.

Cameron Slater aka Whale Oil

Blomfield pushes for Slater bankruptcy

Thu 22 Jan 15

The latest court action between businessman and blogger.

Forensic computer consultant Daniel Ayers

IT expert Ayers sues LexisNexis for defamation

Tue 16 Dec 14

Forensic computer consultant claims publisher ran two responses to a column on EnCase software that defamed him.

Brendan Horan

Opposing lawyer to quit Horan defamation case

Wed 3 Dec 14

Claim understood to be $650,000 against Horan and MediaWorks.


Slater heads to wrong court for Blomfield appeal

Wed 5 Nov 14

Slater v Blomfield may go to Court of Appeal 


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