Fri 31 Jul

Delta undermines Dunedin's credit rating

Thu 22 Nov 15

An auditor-general's probe into Dunedin subsidiary Delta concerns Standard & Poor's. 

President Obama orders tighter security after terrorist attempt

Sat 26 Dec 2

President Barack Obama, has ordered increased security for air travel to and within America after an attempted terrorist act.

The White House described the action of a passenger on a Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam as an attempted act of terrorism.

He had tried to detonate an explosive device strapped to his leg but was overcome by other passengers and cabin crew.

Dunedin City Council's Delta rescues Hanover at Jacks Point

Thu 9 Jul 24

Dunedin City Council-owned electricity contractor Delta has bought 100 sections at the 700-lot Jacks Point development in Queenstown that were earmarked for troubled Hanover Finance.

Jacks Point developer John Darby confirmed that Hanover had not been in a position to settle on the last 100 of 350 sections it had contracted to purchase.

“Before these deals occurred there were 50 built sections in the Highlands area and another 50 larger sections in the N6 and N7 areas that Hanover was due to settle on." Mr Darby said

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