Dominion Finance

Lawyer James Cairney: Time hasn’t run out for everyone

Investors speak out about negligence claim against financial advisers

Fri 12 Dec

Couple invested in Dominion Finance, Irongate Property and NZ Finance Holdings. Their lawyer says time hasn’t run out for everyone. 

Richard (Rick) Bettle

Dominion Finance trio sentenced

Fri 16 Aug 3

Richard (Rick) Bettle, Vance Arkinstall and Paul Forsyth have all been sentenced to home detention for failing in their role as directors of the financier, which collapsed owing investors $176 million.

Rick Bettle

Dominion's Bettle, Arkinstall and Forsyth guilty and convicted ahead of trial

Wed 26 Jun 1

Last of the Dominion Finance directors to face charges will be sentenced in August.


Rick Bettle: another resignation

Rick Bettle exits Powerco as Dominion Finance trial looms

Tue 25 Jun 1

Last week he resigned from the board of Diligent Board Member Services.

Rick Bettle

Bettle quits Diligent board as Dominion Finance trial looms

Thu 20 Jun 6

He is scheduled to stand trial in the High Court in Auckland next month.


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