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Doug Heffernan

MRP exceeds prospectus forecasts as Heffernan signs off

MightyRiverPower chief executive Doug Heffernan (TV3)

MightyRiver slashes budget for new capital expenditure

Doug Heffernan, Chief Executive of MightyRiverPower (TV3)

MRP freezes energy price until April 2015

Doug Heffernan (TV3)

Fresh set of audit eyes needed for Mighty River - NZX

Brent Penrose

Don and Doug's golden handshakes prompt howls of rage

Don Elder: $250,000 and working from home

The payout debate is back in the headlines, sending “concerned” citizens into paroxysms of rage.

Heffernan leaves next year with $500k special payout

Doug Heffernan

Founding chief executive of Mighty River Power to leave the company after 16 years at the helm.