Eric Crampton

Does drinking education work?

Sat 1 Feb 14 2

Train thugs target city events

Tue 11 Dec 12 12

Improved cheap train services are bringing hordes of youths bent on late-night mayhem into central Auckland from south and west suburbs.

At Party Central, the bar opens early, but the crowd stays calm (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Fri 16 Sep 11 6

A few contrasts with this time last Friday.

Moderate drinkers live longer partly due to wealth & disability factors

Mon 6 Jul 09 4

Some of the association between moderate alcohol consumption and longer life is explained by the fact that teetotallers are less wealthy, less educated and more likely to be disabled, according to a new US study.

Dr Sei Lee and colleagues of San Francisco VA Medical Centre found one drink per day halved your risk of dying over the next four years, Reuters reports.

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