Future Shock: Sky On Demand

Was Scott Bartley on drugs when he gave Sky TV’s On Demand upgrade a good review?

Thu 21 Jan 38

As a social media storm breaks out over Sky TV’s $120 million decoder upgrade, NBR's reviewer is prodded for second thoughts.

Frank Gelder

Drug company's founder in 'research antibody' dispute

Wed 26 Aug

Innate Immunotherapeutics was founded in NZ in 2000 with backing from venture capitalist Robin Johannick.

Switched On Garner: smoked synthetic cannabis

When the media becomes the story


Does it add anything to the debate if radio jocks smoke synthetic cannabis or journalists inject themselves with performance-enhancing drugs?

John McAfee, photographed for Wired early November

You are in Guatemala now, Mr McAfee: antivirus pioneer finally arrested

Thu 6 Dec 5

One-time antivirus software king's luck runs out.


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