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Duncan Garner

Sam Hayes to co-host Third Degree

Samantha Hayes

When the media becomes the story

Switched On Garner: smoked synthetic cannabis

Does it add anything to the debate if radio jocks smoke synthetic cannabis or journalists inject themselves with performance-enhancing drugs?

TV3 ad spoof ponders 'bromance'

Guyon Espiner (left) and Duncan Garner

Just when you thought TV news programming had been shaken up enough, Duncan Garner and Guyon Espiner embark on 3rd Degree. With VIDEO.

Gareth Morgan plays cat and mouse

Gareth Morgan: Has also set his sights on mice

Not content with declaring war on cats, the increasingly eccentric economist has also turned his sights on mice.

Michael Laws out, Sean Plunket in at RadioLive

Sean Plunket

More change on the way.

60 Minutes star told: 'On your bike, Mike'

Trusty workhorse Mike McRoberts

Mike McRoberts, TV3’s trusty workhorse for the last decade, is sidelined.