economic growth

China posts 6.9% economic growth in 2015 – but doubts remain

Tue 19 Jan 5

Official figures for the December quarter are in line with the target forecast.

ECONOMICALLY SPEAKING: Income inequality is falling

Fri 24 Jul

Recent debate on economic inequality asserts that it has been increasing. But do the facts support these claims?

Andrew Little (TV3)

Surprise! Inequality is irrelevant to growth


An OECD report lit up Labour leader Andrew Little and Green Party co-leader Russel Norman.

Finance Minister Bill English (Rob Hosking)

Growth up: investment and per capita incomes up even more

Thu 18 Dec

GDP surprises galore in latest economic figures

No more LVR-type measures needed, says Wheeler

RBNZ: Auckland house surge could be a blip

Thu 11 Dec 2

Pent-up pre-election demand, plus seasonal factors, could be cause of recent surge, Wheeler says.

OECD secretary-general Angel Gurría

Editor's Insight: What OECD really says about income gaps and growth

Wed 10 Dec 8

New Zealand is identified as losing most potential GDP because of income inequality.


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