Finance Minister Bill English (Rob Hosking)

Growth up: investment and per capita incomes up even more

Thu 18 Dec 14

GDP surprises galore in latest economic figures

UBS New Zealand senior economist Robin Clements

UPDATED: Economy grows 1% in third quarter as primary sector keeps momentum going

Thu 18 Dec 14

UPDATEDGDP expanded 1% to a seasonally adjusted $53.87B in the three months ended Sept 30.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Analysis: A Russian collapse was only a matter of time

Thu 18 Dec 14 4

Its economic problems are structural as it potentially heads into recession.

CBR’s first deputy chairman Sergei Shvestsov

Russia's economy teeters as rouble collapses

Wed 17 Dec 14 2

The central bank promises additional measures soon, describing drama as "nightmare".

English at this morning's lock-up briefing

Govt surplus target slips despite 'rock solid' economy

Tue 16 Dec 14 2

Economic "engine" is larger, even as the tax gatherer's friend — inflation — takes a holiday. 

Finance Minister Bill English

Govt figures likely to show delayed surplus - but stronger underlying economy

Mon 15 Dec 14 3

It is one of the great ironies of the last 20 years that the only thing the 1999-2008 Labour government privatised was debt.


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