Prime Minister John Key: “keep Chicken Licken at bay” (Photo: Rob Hosking)

BNZ grows worried about 'near-recession' as Key talks economy up

Mon 31 Aug

Prime Minister John Key was telling journalists it was important to "keep Chicken Licken at bay" and not talk the economy down.

CMC markets trader Sheldon Slabbert

US rate hikes: Will the Fed pull the trigger next month?

Wed 26 Aug 4

When it happens, it will be the biggest economic event in recent history: but will the US Fed hike rates next month?

Finance Minister Bill English (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Growth to fall to 2.0-2.5%, English says

Tue 25 Aug

Finance minister reacts to China slowdown, global sharemarket crash.

We’ve heard this music before

Tue 25 Aug 23

Lance Wiggs on the turmoil in the global stock markets.

UBS economist Robin Clements

China syndrome ‘a healthy release of steam’ – UBS economist Robin Clements

Tue 25 Aug

"There’s no point in over reacting ... Knee jerk reactions are not helpful."

ANZ Bank economist Sharon Zollner

Risks of NZ recession growing

Tue 25 Aug

"Wishing for the '70s is not a very palatable option, is it?"


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