Employment Relations Authority

First Union spokeswoman Maxine Gay

ANZ stands by pay offer as mediation breaks down

Tue 5 May

“It shows major difficulty in the bargaining if the parties cannot agree on what matters they are in dispute over” – ERA.

Robert Lewis' lawyer Kensington Swan partner Michael O'Brien

JP Morgan questions Employment Court jurisdiction over stoush with former NZ CEO

Thu 16 Apr

Robert Lewis is seeking $170,000 in damages and lost income as well as a declaration his employment agreement with the international bank was breached.

Mona Dotcom

Dotcom fired butler for exposing secret, ERA hears

Tue 14 Apr

Mona speaks on butler who alleges he had to work for 48 hours straight. 

Waterstone lawyer Alden Ho

Masala companies' debt trail

Wed 8 Apr 2

String of collapsed companies owe about $1.5 million | Another Labour Inspectorate action against Masala underway.

Law firm wants fresh hearing in unjustified dismissal case

Mon 30 Mar

ERA scrutinised employer’s action under new appeal court approach.

NZ Post workers denied historic pro-rata part time pay-out

Thu 29 Jan

ERA has rejected a union bid to extend salary benefits to part-time workers.


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